ELGEE: Organic & Natural Products



Our Story

Why we do what we love.


    Founded upon the desire to give people the opportunity for a healthy life through the consumption of the highest quality nutrients, ELGEE Naturals strives to provide consumers with the best available.

    In 2014, our Founders decided that they would change the course of their lives to helping people live better by growing sunflower, wheat grass and other nutritious greens. They began selling what they produced at local Farmer’s markets in South Florida and were quickly successful. After receiving a Moringa plant as a gift, research was done to find out more about this “miracle tree". Upon learning about the exceptional medicinal and nutritional properties of Moringa, they decided to add their locally-grown Moringa to the ELGEE offerings and sold out every time. Now our beautiful groves flourish under the Florida sun and our careful cultivation to provide the best Moringa products possible to meet the growing demand as our customers experience the benefits it provides. Through the years ELGEE has evolved to include other products for complete wellness including Maca and supplements of the highest caliber.

    Our company expansion continues with the opening of our flagship store on the famous Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where the wellness offerings also include Kombucha, Aloe, Vegan Chocolates, products for pets and more. You can also still find us at the Yellow Green Farmer's Market in Hollywood, Florida.

    ELGEE Naturals is committed to total body health and wellness through natural and organic products. We look forward to helping you on your journey to finding balance and well being naturally!