Our Story

Why we do what we love.

    ELGEE Naturals was founded in 2014, upon the desire to provide people with the resources to lead a healthy lifestyle through the consumption of the highest quality, pure and natural nutritional supplements.

    The dream to guide people in their health endeavors was born with us growing, sunflower sprouts, wheat grass and other, similar nutritious greens. We sold these homegrown nutritional power houses all around South Florida, mainly at local farmers markets. Through these markets we were able to connect with the community and form meaningful relationships with our neighbors.

    It was around this time that we received a Moringa Plant as a gift and with this gift the course of our business would undergo a great change. The more we learned about this “miracle tree” and it’s exceptional medicinal and nutritional properties the more certain we became that we wanted to provide our customers a way to incorporate this potent plant into their health journeys.

    The growing of our Moringa Trees began on a small, urban, farming setting. We harvested our trees ourselves to create a leaf powder. We added our Moringa Powder to our ELGEE lineup and began selling out. The heartwarming stories of how it was enriching the lives of our customers brought us joy and let us know that we were on the right track on our mission to better lives. Moringa quickly became the heart of our company. 

    Through the years ELGEE has evolved to include other high caliber supplements such as Maca and Turmeric. We have also opened our flagship store on the famous Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You can find us at the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood every weekend. Our newest adventure has been adding the ever present CBD to our offerings and we have received countless testimonies on the benefits of this product.   As always we pride ourselves on providing our customer with the highest quality product whether it be moringa, CBD or anything else.