Florida Grown Moringa

Elgee natural is proud to be the leading producers of Florida Grown Moringa.  We take pride in focusing on high quality, raw products grown organically.  The difference is easy to see and feel when compared to others on the market.

All of our moringa is produces without the use of artificial chemicals, pesticides or herbicides and is naturally Non-GMO. All natural compost and beneficial microorganism are used to help the moringa tress grow and flourish within our ecosystem.  When the leaves are mature, they are harvested by hand and brought to our proprietary dehydration facility. We designed and built our dehydration system to dry moringa quickly and efficiently without going above 112 degrees Fahrenheit.  Our moringa products are considered raw. Once dehydrated, we provide our high quality moringa in different forms depending on what suited the individual customers best.

Loose Leaf Moringa Tea

Only the finest of all leaves are eligible to be turned into our line of teas.  The dry leaves are broken by hand and sorted by size to be sold in bags.  They resemble parsley flakes and can be added to any dish for a boost of color and nutrition.

Moringa Powder

Dry leaves are grounded into a fine powder. This makes a great addition to any juice, yogurt, smoothie or any dish you want the moringa to blend into.

Moringa Capsules

Our most popular form. Same great powder packed into a vegetarian capsule. The most convenient way to incorporate moringa into your life. Great for active lifestyles and people that are sensitive to earthy flavors.

Moringa for Pets

Similar to our moringa powder but more coarse. The individual moringa particles are more visible and are great for sprinkling over your favorite four legged family members food.